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Issue 12 • Winter 2004
Mark Doty
Photograph by John Lucas

Mark Doty

Mark Doty is one of the most celebrated writers of his generation -- the winner of a National Book Critics Circle Award and the first American to earn the T.S. Eliot Prize in Britain -- and has established himself as one of the most courageous and eloquent poets of our time. In his numerous books of poems and prose, he has merged the political with the aesthetic, chronicled seaside Provincetown and everyday American life, and taught us how to cope nobly and gracefully with disaster. We're honored to include him in our pages.

Essay by Mark Doty:
Infernal Sympathies


Jose Skinner

Jose Skinner
La Quebrada

Diving into the swelling tide, like the sun fell into the ocean, and love was as great as the distance between them.

Michelle Tea
I Like To Give Women Pleasure

Is it when one is pretending the entire body revolts or when one revolts the entire body pretends?

Harry Thomas
Loser Leave Town

Grunts, roars, and the smack of flesh on canvas, let's open us up a can of whoop ass!

Michael Graves
From Kissing

Don't go believing everyone who's got a word for your unknowns.

Amy Silver
How To Fly A Sign (If You Are A Girl)

Materials needed: one cardboard square, two or three permanent markers, catchy phrase, and a good sense of direction.

Alex Romani
Personal Statement

Sometimes the best answer isn't in the list.


Dodie Bellamy

Dodie Bellamy

Dodie Bellamy has written often and vividly on contemporary literature, transgression, feminist and queer theory, AIDS, and body issues. Poet Julia Bloch asks her a few questions about Mina Harkin, Cunt-ups, and TV, among other things.

An Interview with Dodie Bellamy by Julia Bloch


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Wayne Johns

Wayne Johns
Are You a Sheep or a Goat?,
Moth, Mouth, Mother,
'There is Nothing We May Call Our Own...',
Antipsalms, and
The Harrowing

Were he to beg us not to enquire further, could we desist?

Susan Stinson
Met Roof Garden

In her own words, ideology and disorder, continuity and disruption, bodies and souls.

Elijah Oberman
What I Know About War and Anatomy Lesson: Cells or The First Love Poem

Everywhere is the sound, rising up, blowing across our skin like a torrent.

Justin Thomas
you let someone in

An open door may even tempt a saint.

Cindy M. Emch
Not Done Yet

Looks like a giant stream, but it's a dream...

Laura Jent
Our Little Plan

Though she pretends to be invited wherever she goes, she'd be welcome, too.

Mako Matsuda
Smoking Too Much

If only the surgeon general could be as potent and passionate.