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Issue 14 • Summer 2005
Jean SÚnac
Photo courtesy of Éditions Paris-Méditerranée

Jean Sénac

The life of writer Jean Sénac, like his friend and mentor, Albert Camus, was deeply affected by the politics of his time and the task of reconciling two opposed cultures. He was a gay, Catholic, French-Algerian poet in a socialist state founded on Arab-Muslim principles, ultimately assassinated in 1973 for his convictions. He published his poems widely and successfully in France, though his works have rarely been published into English. We are quite proud to offer what are among the very first English translations of his poems and prose, by a diverse trio of writers, including the entire chapbook, The Myth of the Mediterranean Sperm.

Poetry by Jean Sénac:

Autobiography by Jean Sénac:


Brian Sloan

Brian Sloan
An excerpt from A Really Nice Prom Mess

Remember the night, starry night, the moon and the dreams we shared.

Lucy Jane Bledsoe
Fruits at the Border

Higher up these towers, deeper into these beasts, face this blighting wind!

Tom Dolby
The Gift

More admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one.

Sean Meriwether
Boys in Summer

That's all we do, isn't it -- look at things and try new drinks?

Lauren Sanders

Under the spell, we may faint, convulse or speak in some beautiful secret tongue.

Shaun Levin
The Things You Say When You Say Goodbye Forever

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye... goodbye... goodbye!


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Neil de la Flor

Neil de la Flor
The Exegesis of Grease, the Soundtrack
Closed Eyes/Universe

Systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic greased lightning!

Paul G. McCurdy
The moon alleges and the feather pillow knows
Right Southern Gentleman

Explore this beautiful and trembling state.

Liz Henry
radical girls
careful with your hand

Radical girl, spinning world, take me down to that paradise city!

Louie Crew

Rise up, like flames from burning branches, dancing and trembling.

Amanda Laughtland

Like a heart string stretched across the void.

Paul Rueckhaus
For the Fathers on 24th St.

You can tell by the way they use that walk, they're a woman's man.

Mike W. Blottenberger
Elmer's Glue

Mend when you can, but be better at leisure.

James Justus Ross
A Faggot in Jr. High

Those savage days of youth and innocence.

Michael Montlack
After Math

For you, o poet, there is no other principle but arithmetic.