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Issue 15 • Fall 2005
Marilyn Hacker

Marilyn Hacker

Award-winning poet, editor, activist, native New Yorker, and expatriate American in Paris, Marilyn Hacker is a beacon in our troubled times. She has said, "It's not a question of an issue, but a question of the people I know who are close to me, who are health-care workers or living with illnesses, or the neighbors, housed and homeless, I pass on the street, or the grocery store that goes out of business where I've bought my salad and broccoli every day for the past five years. All of those may be reflected or transformed in my work."

Poems by Marilyn Hacker:
Glose, Letter to Alfred Corn, Ghazal, Glose


Patricia Ryan

Patricia Ryan
Hurricane Katrina the Killer

From New Orleans to Dallas to San Francisco, a mother's evacuation from chaos and destruction.


Katia Noyes

Katia Noyes
an excerpt from Crashing America

A misfit's view of the American landscape, a gorgeous and lonely place populated by Christian punks, lonesome housewives, tweaking teenagers, and corn farmers.

Noël Alumit
Guest List Girls

Oh, the joys of reading those sheets of white linen paper that are announcements of other people's joys.

Suzanne Nielsen
Max and Me

Used to be a time when a swig of whiskey would cure what have you.

Thomas Filippi
Short Circuit: A Tony Allegro Mystery

Where Mr. Allegro attends a killer circuit party on the beaches of Delaware.

Nadyalec Hijazi
Barbed Wire Kisses

Don't ever make the mistake of thinking silence is weakness.


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Scott Hightower

Scott Hightower
Visit with an Old Model at Norwood

"Scott Hightower has Marianne Moore's scissors and Elizabeth Bishop's spectacles, and he has written a book in the spirit of their adventurous precisions." -- J.D. McClatchy

Emanuel Xavier
Untitled and Abandonment

Divine as if they were sketched across the sidewalks and intersections in hundreds of colors of chalk.

Gina Abelkop
My Envy Grows Out From Between My Lips Like Limbs and Trunks and The Accident

Like truth, emotion, shot through our veins like a serum.

Leigh Phillips
A is for Beauty, Convulsive and How We Happen

Desires, fears, branded across our hearts like an emblem.

Billy Clem
Qalqilya, troubled villanelle

He gathers words in his hands like the wheat of revolution.

Pablo Miguel Martínez

Quietly, among the sleeping, beseeching midnight's moon.

Lesley Kartali
pick-up lines for feminists

In case you're in need of the advice -- a few lessons for the heart.