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Issue 4 • Winter 2002
Photo of Jewelle Gomez

Jewelle Gomez

Jewelle Gomez is one of few writers who so beautifully encapsulate what a storyteller is and has the power to be in our modern world. In addition to her fiction, essays, and poems, she's served on literary panels such as those for the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council, was a member of the original staff of "Say Brother," one of the first weekly, black television shows in the United States (WGBH-TV Boston), and was on the founding board of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). She is currently on the national advisory boards of the National Center for Lesbian Rights; Poets & Writers, Inc.; and the Human Sexuality Archives of Cornell University. We are proud to debut four new poems.

Poems by Jewelle Gomez:
for the Streetcar, Femme to Femme, Femme to Butch, Our Own Viet Nam: 7 random snapshots


Photo of Jess Wells

Jess Wells
Excerpt from The Mandrake Broom

Fifteenth-century Salermo through the eyes of Luccia Alimenti in her troubled times of fear and flight.

Robert Weaver
From a Summer Morning in 1864

We go to great lengths to find love. Especially in the backwoods of Georgia in 1864.

Eric Brandt
Devour Me, Once More

The riddle and answer of what to do with a memory battered and destroyed.

Andrew Horwitz

Skimming a scrumptious groove on the edge of your usual fiction.

Shelley Ettinger
Not Alone

A postcard from the frontlines of our quest for queer liberation.


Photo of Brian Thorstenson

Brian Thorstenson
Half-Light Dances

Finding rhythm in our lives depends on knowing how to begin.


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Photo of T. Cole Rachel

T. Cole Rachel
this is as close as we get,
the sweetness,

Novelist Edmund White calls his poetry "a fierce hymn of a nearly cannibalistic passion."

Mary Meriam

Petals of impression that drip across the page by a remarkable stroke of ink.

Dallas Angguish
Embrace and I Never Called You That

Masterfully coercing you to tempt and conquer.

Priscilla Rhoades
Things I Haven't Said

Her words are comets falling through a clear December sky.

Julianne Bonnet
Marriage Mirage and The Grateful Hangover

From time to time poems are indeed birthed with fits of labor and love.

Krandall Kraus

A moment as a Magi in an excerpt from The Christmas Poems.