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Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy? Why is it needed?

When you use the Web, information about you is collected, sometimes without your knowledge. A privacy policy discloses how an organization collects and uses such information. Our privacy policy explains how we treat your privacy when you visit the Lodestar Quarterly Web site. We believe it is important for you to know this information because we value the building of trust in our relationship with you.

What information do you collect? Why?

When you visit the Lodestar Quarterly Web site, technical information about your Web browser and Internet connection may be recorded. For example, the brand and version of Web browser you use and your IP address may be recorded. This information is gathered only for Web site maintenance. For example, we may measure traffic patterns or determine the frequency of page errors with such data.

To subscribe to our mailing list, you are asked to provide only your e-mail address -- not your name. We collect your e-mail address so that we can notify you when a new issue of Lodestar Quarterly is available. On occasion, we may also use your e-mail address to notify you of a Lodestar Quarterly event, such as a reading. We send e-mail notices no more than 6 times per year.

What are cookies? Do you use them?

Web site developers use the term "cookie" to mean a kind of text file that is created and stored on your computer by a Web site that you visit. Cookies are used to provide features such as personalization and shopping carts. Because cookies can also be used to track patterns of Web browsing behavior, some people are wary of them. Consequently, most privacy policies disclose a Web site's use of cookies. Lodestar Quarterly does not use cookies.

How are links to other sites treated?

Web pages in Lodestar Quarterly may link to other Web sites. When you follow such links, our privacy policy no longer applies, and the collection and use of your personal information is determined by the privacy policy of that site.

Book titles, author names, and other links in Lodestar Quarterly may link to the bookstore called powells.com to provide you with a convenient way to purchase books related to information in Lodestar Quarterly. The privacy policy of powells.com is stringent and straightforward, which matches our intent for the protection of your privacy and which we consequently feel is superior to those of most other bookstores.

Will your privacy policy change in the future? If so, how can I be aware of such a change?

Yes, our privacy policy may change if, for example, we determine that we'd like to provide a greater range of features or services that cannot be met with the current policy. One example would be personalization, such as if you want to see only poetry or only fiction or only drama. Any changes to our privacy policy will only occur when a new issue is released. If you subscribe to our mailing list, we will include a statement to that effect in that quarter's e-mail notice. If you do not subscribe to our mailing list, you can return to this Web page at your convenience to determine if our policy has changed.

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