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Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 10 • Summer 2004 • Featured Writer • Poetry

november 28th's carrier pigeon

from: iduna

kari edwards

I  am a man being a woman
I  am a woman being a man
I  am a homosexual man being a straight woman being a homosexual man -
I  am a homosexual woman being a straight man being a homosexual woman -

I am a tree in disguise
with an edge predicament
I am a young boy being a young girl being
whatever for gazing elder eyes
I am licking an envelope over and over and over

I am the new wholesale neither nor nightwear
 plural narrative
a succubus and incubus rolled into one
here to remove organ functions

I am a penny dreadful with a legion of
electrical teeth and gritty eyes
angels and hermaphrodites are my
children and playthings
I pre-check my own in-flight devices
and riddle oedipus to shame
I  am  I

a shadow that becomes
  the coffin of your dreams

inspired by:
Brigid Bropley - in transit
Natalie Barney - the one who is legion, or a.d.'s after-life.

kari edwards

kari edwards is author of iduna, a day in the life of p., a diary of lies - Belladonna #27, and post/(pink). Sie is also the poetry editor of the International Foundation for Gender Education Transgender Tapestry, an international publication on transgender issues. Hir work has been exhibited throughout the United States, including Denver Art Museum, New Orleans Contemporary Art Museum, University of California San Diego, and University of Massachusetts Amherst. edwards' work can also be found in The Best American Poetry 2004, Experimental Theology, Public Text 0.2, Blood and Tears: Poems for Matthew Shepard, Aufgabe, Mirage/Period(ical), Van Gogh's Ear, Call, Boog City, 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry, Narrativity, Fulcrum: an annual of poetry and aesthetics, Pom2, Shearsman, and The International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies.

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