Lodestar Quarterly

Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 10 • Summer 2004 • Poetry

Phys. Ed.

John Del Peschio


I am not a man.
My model left too soon with his set of instructions.
Women are my mirrors, reflective and round.
My voice an echo of sibilant sound.
I watch the boys outside my mother's window
playing games mysterious as Mars.
Men are hard to catch
like baseballs.


under your green shirt, your green pants,
groves, must.
When I pass, you light up.
Butch mask,
emit no sissy whispers.
I'd be cold
as the boys who picked me last.

John Del Peschio's work appears in the current issue of modern words. His poem "fifi the dangerous fag dog" opens the anthology Queer Dog, from Cleis Press, edited by Gerry Gomez Pearlberg. His contact information is available through the directory of writers at Poets & Writers.

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