Lodestar Quarterly

Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 1 • Spring 2002 • Poetry


Michelle Maihiot

Leaving well enough alone,
I left; allowing the bubbles
frothing on my flat-patterned
skimming to go unnoticed.
It takes big girl Daddy-bones
to build something like this --
some hoop-slammin' damn of a dunk
grand slam auto.
cracked silly as a saw-toothed grin,
my skull's land mass
migrates in crippled pieces thin
as bad pottery.
There's a reunion of pieces
on the dashboard.
This car is a stained glass cathedral,
my skull a bitter, ceramic bowl.

Michelle M. Maihiot lives in Massachusetts with her beloved Siamese cat, Satan. She has been published in Bay Windows, Midwest Poetry Review, Sojourner, and The Rockford Review among other periodicals.

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