Lodestar Quarterly

Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 13 • Spring 2005 • Poetry

Sonnet in 7.62mm

Steven Schwartz

Breathe. Aim. Slack. Squeeze. A sniper's way is keep it slow -- how
virgins like to be seduced. For he does not realize this day is ours,
his ass is mine. Virgins to me are all I want. No fun in sluts. For he
will open up; I want to be inside.
Lust makes blood race and body shake, you see so wait; I let my dirty
mind subside to stop the barrel's weave from side to side.
I know this well. Nothing's been left to luck.
The skull is like the hymen; split wide once -- it's gone. A first and
last and total fuck.
It's nothing; just a one-shot stand for me.
For him? A simple, metal STD.

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