Lodestar Quarterly

Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 13 • Spring 2005 • Poetry


Stacy Nathaniel Jackson

1. root:    funky electric
 at the margin

slant axis
spinning top

bass guitar : brain

pluck, the tethered line
bee swarm jiving left

"get the funk out
of my face

get the funk out of my face"

jazz is math

math is god

my daddy used to say



bass thrummed like a ball against the wall

guitar in drag, soprano moan

howl through an upturned whine

juju beat (heal me)

inspired, necks rock steady to air

rock jazz blues & gospel

123456 7 8   7.8    7 eight    7-8    seven   Eight

sonic miscegenation

Lift every voice & ____
pluck the revolution

while the colored girls sing
Doop doop doop-
Doop doop doop-da-do-dooo

while the colored girls sing
Shock ah lock-ah lock-ah
Boom shock-ah lock

while the colored girls sing
Rock steady baby   Let's call this song exactly what it is
(what it is what it is what it is)


unrecognizable odor or attitude, primarily unfavourable (funky) as in:

fragile like my daddy & his feet
diabetic sores reappear under gauze
Disneyland's Haunted Mansion
holograms mark
another phase,
denial like kaleidoscope glass
elegant pin-pricks really, simple little hang
king-sized toe nail turned into pillow
for a blow fly egg-nest, funky


It's his blood pressure, that's the problem he says,
not the gin & juice
kidney dialysis tightening
over & under like a ring, a cock ring.


Art at the source: funky fresh

cochlea does its work
deciphering as only bones do

Madonna/Sandra Bernhardt

the beautiful people can always hear the truth

Stacy Nathaniel Jackson is an African American / Filipino transman residing in San Francisco. His work has appeared in SoMa Literary Review and The Big Ugly Review. He is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. His community involvement has included board seats on the San Francisco LGBT Community Center Project, the literary journal ZYZZYVA, and mayoral appointment to San Francisco's Transgender Civil Rights Implementation Task Force.

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