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Figure reaching for a star Issue 14 • Summer 2005 • Featured Lodestar Writer • Poetry

The Myth of the Mediterranean Sperm

Jean Sénac,
translated from the French by Justin Vicari

Do It Again, Jaaaa...

Jaaaaaaaaaaaacques, flagship and raft of all Asia,
I'm so lost in dreams they have the frenzy of Icarus!
This moment is fragrant with pitch!
I who loved only the sun, hurl myself to the clouds!

It isn't the Deluge that awaits me
But an angel chopped in two by my hug
Hacked apart under cinders, frozen stiff
Like the nights I call your name.

On my knees scabs (letters) form.
What plague song starts its march?
What pastel whose rumbling
Will crumble my balcony into the sea?

There's no more cure, Jacques,
Not even a shipwreck.
Amid the lies and the scandal
In spite of me, my poem tenders its page.

I wanted to invent a world
Vaster than your smile.
Look, our outpost's in ruins, Jaaacques!
And on my palms (this is the hideous part) the sun, the earth are still breathing.

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Jean Sénac was a teacher, soldier, and writer. He was the author of numerous collections of poems, including Citoyens de beautÚ and Jubilation, and one novel, Ébauche du père: pour en finir avec l'enfance. Following the Algerian revolution, he worked in the Ministry of Education in Algeria and for Radio-Algiers with a daily program, PoÚsie sur tous les fronts. He was the founder of the magazines Soleil, Terrasses, and cofounder of Galery 54. He was murdered, possibly because of his political beliefs, in August 1973 in Algiers. More information (in French): French Wikipedia: Jean Sénac.

Justin Vicari's work appears or is forthcoming in Interim, Rhino, Eclipse, Slant, Spillway, Gin Bender Poetry Review, Poetry Motel, Third Coast, Disquieting Muses Quarterly, Softblow, and other reviews. He is the author of chapbooks "In a Garden of Eden" (Plan B Press) and "Woman Bathing Light to Dark" (forthcoming from Toad Press, 2006). In 2005, one of his poems was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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