Lodestar Quarterly

Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 14 • Summer 2005 • Poetry

Elmer's Glue

Mike W. Blottenberger


In first grade, Miss Dixon said
I was a genius with glue.

And when my sister stuck her Barbie's hand
into a rotating fan,
I used my faithful Elmer's
to reattach it.

Twenty years later,
the arm and the hand
still cling to each other.


We met on Good Friday night
at a semi-leather bar.

Leaning against the brick wall,
with a vodka and tonic in hand,
you lied to me about your age,
while I tried to hide my sick heart
beneath a bulky red sweat shirt.

You took me home that night two years ago
and introduced me to your cat.

And later,
while you admired my speed-skater legs,
and I your chiseled chest,
Elmer and I were at it again.

Mike W. Blottenberger lives in Hanover, Pennsylvania with his partner of three years. His poetry has appeared in The Baltimore Review, Bay Windows, Christian Science Monitor, The James White Review, The Rockford Review, White Crane, and The William & Mary Review. He works in the public health field and teaches poetry in the schools.

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