Lodestar Quarterly

Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 4 • Winter 2002 • Poetry

Julianne Bonnet

The Grateful Hangover

Not like a splitting
headache but more
literal, an actual cleaving in

At first, a liquescence of
insides as they shift and rearrange
slowly, like magma beneath the ocean
floor, into more permanent things:

A self that holds inside her a turbulent
planet -- tight-fisted as a compulsive
gambler holding the dice in a sweaty fist, knowing
if she lets go too soon, she will lose. Hold
on too long, and the game will escape her.

Surely, this gravid body is but a sheet
over a hillock against the human
landscape, and the division now --
only a slight rending of the soul, but
how I already know the distance

we must travel, and if only you
will go with me that far, I can show you in
this fabric that no matter how carefully we
sew up the damage, we will always be
able to feel the tear.

Julianne Bonnet has an MFA in creative writing from Mills College where she co-founded the graduate literary magazine 580 Split. She is the co-founder and poetry editor of Rainbow Curve and the creative writing editor of the East Bay Voice. Her work has most recently appeared in Red Rock Review, Clackamas Literary Review, and Kalliope.

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