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Issue 2 • Summer 2002
Katherine V. Forrest

Katherine V. Forrest

What impresses and inspires most about a great woman like Katherine Forrest is her devotion to the GLBT community and its poets and writers. The value that she places on our work and its continuation is certainly the value we should all place on it. Be sure -- we're lucky to speak and be heard and we have something precious in our literature. We can be remembered not only correctly but in our own words. We have something precious in Katherine Forrest, too. "The Politics of Pride" chaperones us through the lesbian writer's remarkable career spanning 14 books and 20 years.

Essay by Katherine V. Forrest:
The Politics of Pride


Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark

From the former Lambda-nominated writer comes a soulful story mapping the indivisible paths of former lovers.

Trebor Healey
Vincent James Malone, Wholly at Large and For Good

A boy and a man and the bouts and bounds turning one into the other.

Matthew Bernstein Sycamore
Tainted Love

Taking you willing or not on a slinky and shameless barnstorm through P-town.

Robert Dunbar

Behind shuttered and draped windows creep the carnal monsters of queerdom.

Joyce Luck
How to Break Your Lover's Heart

Breaking up is no simple matter when it takes years to practice and perfect.


Garret Jon Groenveld

Garret Jon Groenveld
A Couple (long story on a short arc)

Years in moments and beautiful minutes that continue for hours.

Craig Fox
Far From Springer

Move over telly! Papa's got some wild and dirty drama for the stage!


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Emanuel Xavier

Emanuel Xavier
Newfound Morality,
Verbal Graffiti,
Verbal Graffiti 2

An exclusive peek at the forthcoming collection of poems which unabashedly shouts the vaya passionistica of America.

Julia Bloch
I dream I'm the death of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The dream life of a Buffy fan who lusts for one heck of a season finale.

Dani Montgomery
butch femme east county love poem,
bad breakup,
poem for a revolutionary who doubts herself,
love poem in a burning year

Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness: These poems propose them. Claim them. And she's the answer to her own call for revolution.

Ragan Fox
Kate, the Cursed;
Into the Woods;
DNA Test

Riding high on a dark and restless undercurrent, these poems work their way into your soul and you can't shake them.

Shane Luitjens
Colon: Right Parenthetical) and Dating

Inspiration for many unwilling coughs and a page to learn from the discourse of brains, despair, and a poet's misanthropy.