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Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 11 • Fall 2004 • Featured Writer • Poetry

Song of Solomon

David Bergman

Is it true your friend's hands are like clouds?
-- Solomon Ibn Gabirol

Yes, his hands are like clouds,
Clouds that grow dark and heavy
As they sweep the stubble plain
Of my chest and thigh, clouds that strike
With lightning down the cord of my spine
So that my throat rumbles
With distant thunder and my eyes
Casts down tears that are harder
And more ruthless than autumn rain.

David Bergman

David Bergman is a professor of English at Towson State University, the author of Gaiety Transfigured: Gay Representation in American Literature, and the editor of Camp Grounds: Style and Homosexuality. Bergman has published poetry in The Paris Review, The New Criterion, and The New Republic. He has edited a collection of Edmund White's essays entitled The Burning Library. His latest book is The Violet Hour: The Violet Quill and the Making of Gay Culture (Columbia University Press, 2004). He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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