Lodestar Quarterly

Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 3 • Fall 2002 • Poetry

Rollerball Revolutionary

aka the Political Pen Porn Poem

Sara S. Moore

I'm fine
I'm extra fine
I'm a soft feel
roller ball revolutionary.

I'm a medium to your bold
and I'm easy to hold.
I'm sharp,
but not easily-erased.

I don't bleed (much),
I click shut to the touch --
I'm visible and free --
vibrant flowing and precise.

My power contact point is broad,
And my thoughts are clear- translucent, see-through!
You can look right through my head.
I'm black, blue, green, and sometimes red.
I'm mightier than I seem.

My cushier, squeezable, ringed-finger
no-slip comfort grip barrel
never bends.
Baby, I'm tough but I'm refillable on both ends.

I'm sleek and quick and twistable,
super smart available,
I work at any angle, I'm fluid as I roll --
to give my movements accent and control.

I'm light-weight, and fade-proof.
Today only! these ultra-smooth jumbo-huge politics
are convenient for general use.

Sara Moore is a 29-year-old poet and queer activist/organizer who has lived and performed on open mic stages since she was 17 and in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995. She leads the curator team of the queer spoken word series San Francisco in Exile. Her work has been published in Silverfish Review, Kye Zine, Crossing Centuries, and Crescent Moon Anthology of Pagan Verse. Her new self-published effort is Aunt Sara's Little Corner of Grief.

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