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Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 5 • Spring 2003 • Featured Writer • Poetry

nature video

Michelle Tea

it is sad
that the old rock
bridge will snap and
shatter into the stream
that made it.
beautiful and destined
to collapse, nature
is ruthless.
pay your respect
to the crumbled bridge
on the discovery channel
and put some pants
on the antelope
that bullseye of fur
around their ass
is obscene.
the antelope
are a sexy animal
their blatant behinds
for the tourists.
and what about
the anasazi
the narrator tells me
they're gone
did they go
means ancient.
in tucson
i ate ancient
anasazi beans
in my delicious
green pasta.
they left
these homes
they built
back when people
moved like glaciers
or wind.
here is the scoop
on the anasazi:
ana means
not ancient
and they used up all
their water
and split
leaving us these
honeycomb houses
like prehistoric
to climb upon
and videotape.

what else about
its nice,
kind of
supernatural, really
like when i think of
other planets,
take mars,
i think of
the grand canyon.
i spent a moment
on the edge
of the tallest rock
and realized vertigo
isn't fear
it's the desire
to ball your life up
in your fist
and plummet.
so incredibly high
and no fences.
where are the people
who put up all the fences
and the orange stickers
and the safety belts
how did this
enormous rock
slip past them.
no one tells me
to leave
as i stand
so close
to my most glorious
death, here
in ruthless
i lied on my back
arms splayed like
a kid in a snowdrift.
i lied there.
it was all
i could do
in the face
of this impossible

Michelle Tea

Michelle Tea is the author of several memoirs, a couple anthologies, and a book of poetry. Her most recent book is the illustrated novel Rent Girl, with art by Laurenn McCubbin.

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