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Issue 6 • Summer 2003
Patricia Nell Warren

Patricia Nell Warren

Patricia Nell Warren has been writing professionally since the age of seventeen. In over forty years, she's published eight novels and numerous articles and poems in journals across the globe. Her most successful novel, The Front Runner, has subsequently become our most popular gay love story. Patricia Nell Warren's work as an activist includes efforts in the 1960s to have American media recognize the individuality of Ukrainians and other ethnic groups in the USSR, and her role in the 1970s as the plaintiffs' spokesperson for Susan Smith vs. Reader's Digest, a landmark lawsuit that resulted in a class-action victory for women. Today, she focuses on free speech and issues confronting our youth, as well as public health concerns through her controversial monthly column in A&U, America's AIDS magazine.

From Beginning to New Beginning: A Cycle of Poetry

Untitled Poem, Case History, Anti-Season, Excerpt from "Some Kind Of Kasida", The Matador's Prayer, Excerpts from "Minimal Poems", Memoirs


Photo of C. Bard Cole

C. Bard Cole
My Own Child

Prose that nimbly prospects the crooks and crannies for truths among its dazzling fabrications.

Alicia A. Curtis
All Things Must Fall

With candor and simple beauty -- the slow moments by which we dream.

Lou Dellaguzzo
Secret Shoppers

Be it courage or comprehension, we can find our necessities at the bookstore.

Randy Turoff

Have a seat by the window and a magnolia for your hair on a streetcar named Desire.

Sean Meriwether
The Things I Can't Tell My Father

For each thing kind or contemptible, said or unsaid, but precisely remembered.


Photo of Troy Hill

Troy Hill
Home Again

I can't stand people who are nice, you know? I mean people are just so boring.


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Photo of Jeffery Beam

Jeffery Beam
Flowering Apricot,

Poet Kenny Fries believes it "a poetry of alchemy -- a poetry of spiritual, mystical, and even religious dimensions."

sara seinberg
a wet shell back and the emerald city

The unrestrained words of confidence uncaged.

Don Adams
The Rain it Raineth Every Day and Nights in Paradise

Indeed the only language that God spoke was poetry.

Alan Pedder

The sweet-sounding music of sudden seduction.

Ali Lemer
Everything A Nice Girl Needs To Know About The Big Secret

Have a look! Free samples! The answer to all those pesky questions!

Trebor Healey

Cats and their infinite enlightenment.

Chip Livingston
Praisin' Jesus

Loud as it takes to make you believe it. Long as it takes to happen. Praise!