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Figure reaching for a star Issue 14 • Summer 2005 • Featured Writer • Poetry

The Exegesis of Grease, the Soundtrack

Neil de la Flor

In '78 [I fell in love with a mechanic] :: grease was the word.
Now I wonder what was the point of my virginity, that filthy word.

Violets, leather jackets, milkshakes, Lightnin'. Please, I offered,
I bought them for you. Symbols of 'fidelity' was the word.

Song written for the mechanic: Summer Nights. Thieves uncovered
Innocence, his filthy secret, i.e. his 'Sandy-dee-code-word.'

Beware! The life span of a diseased relationship is one generation.
Lovers of Beowulf, the title of my discography was the word --

Ex. Examine the lyrics of background noise. Suggest exegesis, interpretation,
Sound bites. I'm hopelessly 'devoted' to you! Devoted is such a silly word.

Take for instance, a mechanism, an unconscious reaction, unease when
A person faces a whipping. Imagine this willy-nilly word:

[Invisible ink.] By '79 he wasn't a greaser anymore -- a sleaze, a coward!
Never mind the bloodstain, the black eye, or his last Nazi word.

Neil de la Flor

Neil de la Flor's work has appeared or is expected in Indiana Review, Hotel Amerika, Admit2, Scene360, 42opus, and Lodestar Quarterly. He is the managing editor of Mangrove and lives in Miami, Florida.

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