Lodestar Quarterly

Lodestar Quarterly
Figure reaching for a star Issue 4 • Winter 2002 • Poetry

Things I Haven't Said

Priscilla Rhoades

Jung said we don't change our problems,
only our perception of them. You tell me this
half a life later. I want to say, I would have died
for you then. My problem. We have history together,

you say, tucking my photograph back into its place
between lovers in your dated album. History, yes

I remember the night you put your fist through
a darkened window when you thought I wouldn't
keep my promise: forever, always. I walked away
to save my life, without you. Youth, you tell me,

a tender time. Souls entangled, I want to say. Golden cords
strung out heart to abandoned heart. Fated, unbroken.

Late winter now, across a cold black sky I watch the stars
make their solitary journey home, disappearing
at the edges into God's arms, perhaps. Like us, I think

and all old lovers.

Priscilla Rhoades is a writer of poetry, short stories, and feature articles whose work has appeared in The Iowa Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, In Posse Review, San Francisco Bay Guardian, and other publications. A transplanted Californian, she now lives on two acres in the mountains of western North Carolina with her partner Loretta, their three dogs, and one annoyed cat.

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