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Issue 10 • Summer 2004
Elana Dykewomon

Elana Dykewomon

Elana Dykewomon (as you can imagine from her name) is a lesbian's lesbian. But if you haven't read her you'll be delighted to hear that she's a thinker's writer, in a category with Sarah Schulman and Lillian Faderman as one of our great minds, capable of complex insights and rigorous analysis of what makes culture tick.

Interview by Jess Wells:
Interview with Elana Dykewomon

Works by Elana Dykewomon:
Poetry: The Leonids of 2001: Susan sees her first shooting star
Memoir: Milk and Honey


Keith Banner

Keith Banner
Next to Nothing

Where will life lead when the Ponderosa Steakhouse closes its doors?

Alissa Blackman
from Slant Six

Amidst the red clover fields of Amish Pennsylvania grows a fevered passion

Jim Tushinski
Gerald and the Beast

For who could ever learn to love a beast, or share his bed at the very least?

Royston Tester

At the front of every revolution, they advance with ferocity, heels and lashes, into whatever jaws that may bite

Ian Philips
Shrimpboat Willie

Pop open an ice-cold Dixie and listen close to one diddy of a swamp tale

Jan Steckel
The Sea That Sometimes Frightened Us

Always rushing and retreating, the ocean and the beach, living and dying


Joan Larkin

Joan Larkin

How will we remember it? What will say our collective consciousness? A new play about different perspectives on our modern events.


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Kari Edwards

kari edwards
from "Obedience",
1 × 2,
november 28th's carrier pigeon,
I belong to the regulated

The alienated, the other, the not either this nor that, but both at once, watching from above

John Del Peschio
A few bar stools away,
You told me once of a mouse,
Phys. Ed.,
St. Pansy,
You're back from Provincetown

It's not only eloquence, it's force, it's fire

Karyna McGlynn
Cleopatra 365 and Snap-Button Lock

Always believe, if only for the sake of going along for a fantastic ride

Charlotte Young
Basic Math

Brace yourself if you failed arithmetic... but it all adds up to love

Yuri Hospodar
Cakewalk World and Bad Gay Poem

What are the chances you'll like what you hear when his tongue rolls in your ear like a fingertip on a peach?

Myriam Gurba

Why must we do the things we do when it's so obvious we should be corrected?

Robert Siek
Truly Phototropic and Auto Shop Mixer

That ordinary moment, unadulterated, destined to be unremembered, yet in which we conjured skin and hearts at will