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Issue 13 • Spring 2005
Lillian Faderman
Photograph by Phyllis Irwin

Lillian Faderman

The daughter of an immigrant Jewish garment worker whose family perished in the Holocaust, Lillian Faderman dreamed of being an actress. Instead she worked her way through college by posing for nude photographs and stripping in burlesque clubs. She discovered that her deepest erotic and emotional connections were to women. Today, she is a groundbreaking scholar of gay and lesbian studies, author of numerous books on subjects as diverse as 17th-century lesbian literature to the Hmong refugees of Laos, and the recipient of a host of awards such as the 2004 Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement and the 2002 Founders Distinguished Senior Scholar Award.

Prose by Lillian Faderman:


Patrick Roscoe

Patrick Roscoe

Two men left with a beautiful stain upon their silence.

David Pratt
All the Young Boys Love Alice

If only the world could have been that perfect, impossible fiction.

Valerie Frankel
Dick and Jane Grow Up

Yellow shorts, frilly dresses, and pin curls no more.

Dallas Angguish
Lord Alice

In a dark room waits a pale dandy with all the secrets to life.

Morteza Baharloo
From The Quince Seed Potion

The beginning of a shimmering saga of devotion and love, violence and humiliation.

Michelle Auerbach

Here, the slippery shape of language, in a letter, a map, a tongue, a body.


Kim Yaged

Kim Yaged

How would you describe yourself? Poetic or subordinate? Brave or complacent? What if it's Germany, 1944? Are you a bitch or a whore? Is she your lover, friend, sister, acquaintance, colleague, or sin? Lesbians in the Holocaust -- Who would you be?


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Christine Hamm

Christine Hamm
Discount Heaven,
Slut, and
Affection Control

Wicked and snark-smiled, they'll make you lower your gaze and wipe your mouse pad.

Steven Schwartz
Sestina for Stockhausen, Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori, and Sonnet in 7.62mm

With a pen like a gun to the head, jarring, violent, enters his words.

Abe Louise Young

Shall we eat both the male and the female fruit, too?

Stacy Nathaniel Jackson
Transitory Floats at the Bottom of the Pool and Funk

Soul is not where it lives but where it loves.

Danny Thanh Nguyen

Making Engrish brings you much pleasure in the way!

Judith Jordan
Insolent Freedoms

What if the war were in your own body, your skin and heart the battlefields.

S. Bear Bergman
Broken Open

Witness a heart emerging from its solitary place.